Tips On How To Keep Your Designer Handbag Looking New

By Brianna Carlton

There are hundreds of designer handbag designs that are absolutely fabulous. Many women are fortunate to go out and buy one whenever they desire, but some of us have to save and save until our budget can withstand the purchase of one. When you finally get your dream handbag taking measures to protect it is imperative. Here are a few tips to show you how to keep your designer handbag looking new.

Once you have bought your handbag the most important thing on how to keep your designer handbag looking new is to read the manufacturer's label. This provides important information on caring for the handbag and cleaning it to perfection. Bags made leather an animal skin will most likely need a cleaner for that particular skin, use what is recommended to prolong the life and look of your handbag. It wouldn't make sense to use the wrong type of cleaner.

Starting with the cleaner, a good rule of thumb is to use cleaner designed for the material your bag is made of. For example if you have a snakeskin bag, you'll need cleaner designed to clean snakeskin material. Many fabric handbags may need to be dry cleaned depending on the manufacturer directions.

If you only use your bag on occasion before you store it in your closet, empty contents out of the bag that will cause an unfavorable appeal on the inside. Gum, pennies that will rust, and candy should all be taken out. A good light suction with a small hand vacuum will get rid of loose particles remaining.

There are a few first steps in learning how to keep your designer handbag looking new. Next, you will want to return the bag into its original cover to prevent dust from accumulating. If you have not retained the bag cover, use fiber linen to completely cover and secure the bag.

When using your handbag, avoid spills, placing items directly on the handbag and keeping sharp objects inside of the bag, like pencils and nail files. Another thing that'll prolong the life of your bag, keeping it looking new is to avoid filling it with too many contents to give it a bulging look.

Now that you have a few tips on how to keep your designer handbag looking new, you'll probably agree it's a piece of cake and you won't have to buy another one unless you are ready to purchase a different design. - 30448

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