Slip-On Sneakers Grow in Reach

By Rachel Jordan

I don't know when it happened, but slip on sneakers have really exploded in popularity. Just a decade or two ago, there were only a few varieties available and you'd be hard pressed to find more than one or two styles offered by any brands.

You'd be shocked to know all of the companies offering their own slip on sneaker productions these days. In the past, these sneakers were mostly limited to companies like Keds and Vans, which both specialized in making a shoe that largely appealed to skaters looking for casual footwear.

Not only are there more companies offering these, but the styles have expanded too. No longer are slip on sneakers limited to the skater types, as many other companies are offering their own versions of them too. Luxury companies like Prada have produced them too.

Why do people like these shoes as much as they do? For a start, they're convenient. You may remember how popular Velcro shoes were after they came out, and much of this had to do with the lack of laces. Such is the case with slip on shoes, and the added style wins them some extra points.

Due to the wide range of styles and patterns available, slip-on shoes can be worn with almost anything short of formal wear. Some of them even even go well with shorts.

In my experience, the best place to find slip-on shoes has always been on the web. The reason for this is the fact that you're likely to find a lot more online than you will in one store. Individual stores might carry a few pairs on average, but you won't get the benefit of variety there.

There are so many online retailers of sneakers to the point that you may even be overwhelmed when shopping for your slip-on sneakers. Just about every major shoe company has a slip on sneaker for sale. Some of my favorites are made by Converse and New Balance, but you'll see many more brands than just these two.

With respect to price, the range is really wide. Some of the cheapest pairs retail for $30 and less, while the highest end ones can sell for hundreds. Surely, there should be something within that range that appeals to you. - 30448

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