Sexy Lingerie for the Woman in Your Life

By Ellen Grace

Everybody loves sexy lingerie. It's just a fact. For some strange reason, not everybody likes to admit it, but it's true anyway. Even conservative women have that secret baby doll they wear under their clothes once in awhile and even the sternest puritanical man is driven crazy by a corset. With Christmas coming and Valentine's Day following close on its heels, this is a good time to be talking lingerie.

One of the beautiful things about the internet is that you can do things with it that you wouldn't otherwise do. Most men wouldn't dream of walking into a lingerie shop, but they can get away with it online. Trust us, if you buy your girlfriend or wife lingerie, they'll love you for it!

That is - they'll love you for it if you do it right. If you do it wrong, it could spell disaster. The most important thing is to get her the right size. You probably are so dumb you don't have any idea how important this is. Just get it right. It could be the most important thing you ever did in your life!

All you need to do is to sneak into her closet and rummage around in the drawers when she's not home. Get her dress size and her bra size and you should be alright. Just to be extra sure, check several dresses and bras. Otherwise, with your luck, you'll pick the one dress that is now too small for her or the one bra that's too big. We can't emphasize this too much: get the size right!

Now that you have the data, you can go online and begin your preliminary search. Be sure to do this when she's not around. If she catches you, she'll call you a dirty old man, even if you're only 21. That may be how you will end up, but you don't want your lover to have that image of you in her head.

Things will change after she has opened her gift. When she sees the filthy, sleazy gleam in your eyes when she models it for you, she'll appreciate it for what it is. She'll be so appreciative that you got her size right that she'll believe you when you tell her how there was no other woman on your mind but her when you did your online lingerie shopping.

That's after you have successfully made your transaction. Let's get back to business now and go lingerie shopping. You will need a healthy amount of time to do this, because there is so much to see and you will find yourself wanting to see it all. Don't get too carried away either with the time or your purchase. Set an alarm just to be sure she doesn't sneak up on you from behind after work. And restrain your impulses a little. You're looking for sexy lingerie, not hooker's lingerie, though the difference may escape you.

Then it is just a matter of going to the checkout counter and double and triple checking the size you have selected before finalizing the transaction. Don't worry. When it comes in the mail, it won't have a big sign on it saying, "Sexy Lingerie." It will be packaged discreetly. Just get to it before she does or she may jump to the conclusion that you bought it for someone else! - 30448

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