Rolex Watch Buying Guide - 5 Telltale Signs Of A Fake Rolex

By Jaye Cadlah

Rolex is the #1 counterfeited watch brand in the world. It also is probably the best known. Counterfeit Rolex watches are quite easy to spot if you know what to look for. Here's 5 simple ways to tell:

1. Second Hand Movement - Save for a short time where Rolex made Quartz powered watches (OysterQuartz) all Rolex movements are mechanical. This means that they have a smooth sweeping motion when the second hand moves around the dial - "ticking" about 5-8 times per second.

High-end replicas can also try and duplicate this smooth sweeping motion but don't be fooled. They'll typically use a fake Chinese or Swiss movement that is mechanical (not Quartz battery powered) that is not as smooth. It will tick about three to four times per second.

2. Clear Case-Back - A lot of high-end brands build their watches with a clear case back to show the complexity of the movement. Seeing the gears and cogs magically ticking away is mesmerizing but don't be fooled!

Rolex has never made a watch model with a clear case back. This is an instant sign of a fake.

3. Weight of the watch - Genuine gold and platinum are quite heavy. If you were to hold a genuine all gold Rolex in your hand you'll notice it's quite heavy. Most replicas do not come close to the weight of a genuine Rolex watch. If it's surprisingly light, it's a good idea to dig deeper into other features.

4. Cyclops Lens - Rolex is the inventor of the Cyclops lens over the date window. This is a raised piece of glass in the 3' o clock position that magnifies the date about 2.5 times . Many counterfeiters try and replicate this unsuccessfully.

Counterfeit Rolex watches will often only magnify the date window 1.5 times and the difference is apparent after looking at the real deal. When looking at the Cyclops at a straight on angle, the date window should be magnified so that it almost fills the whole Cyclops glass.

5. Date Display and Rotating Bezel - Rolex watchces are "perfect" in that the way the lettering is printed and alignment is extremely well done down to the smallest detail. If there are any artifacts in the printing of the date or if alignment is slightly off, it's a clear indication of a fake.

Genuine Rolex bezels are a dream to rotate. It is smooth and the click you get is very subtle yet solid. A real Rolex should click about 120 times while a fake one only clicks about 60 times. Fake bezels also make a louder noise and are very obvious to spot if you've felt a real one rotated. - 30448

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