How To Decide Who is The Best Jeweler For You

By Ted Ingram

Are you proposing marriage and need to find that particular jeweler who has your perfect diamond waiting for you? Or are you now searching for that wonderful birthday or amazing Christmas present and you want a jeweler who can walk you through your first jewelry buying experience?

You want a jeweler you can trust whether you are looking to make a new purchase or you want to reset a gemstone in a new setting or even have a ring re-sized for a better fit. Finding a jeweler you can trust will make the difference in spending your money on treasured jewels that are worn or something tossed forgotten to the back of the jewelry box. By following several easy steps you can find a good local jeweler much easier than you may have considered. These are the secrets of finding a good jeweler.

You should ask until you have a list of about three or four jewelers. You can begin to refine your search for a jeweler that will suit your particular needs when you have this list of names.You want to choose a jeweler or jewelry store from your list that is affiliated with the American Gem Association or AGS and the Jewelers Vigilance Committee or JVC.

The AGS requires that the Jewelers test yearly to maintain the highest levels of product knowledge to maintain their membership. There are very strict ethical standards regarding pricing and representation of products associated with the approval of the AGS to the jewelry clientele. As a nonprofit organization JVC aids jewelers in maintaining high ethical standards while keeping members current on all jewelry industries legal rules.

Remember, not all reputable jewelers may be members of either of these organization in which case you should do a bit more research to learn how long the jeweler or jewelry store has been in business at its current location. It is possible that some of the jewelers on your list may be such. Therefore, you may consider that an established jeweler having a business in the same location for years is doing good business or they would not keep good customers for years.

Do some in store visits after you narrow your choices down to about one or two jewelers from your list. Browse the store as you ask some vital questions. You want to know if there is a bench jeweler on site who can do repairs in the store if something happens to the jewelry you buy from the store. You want to know if the repairs can be done on site or have to be sent away to another jeweler.

You want to know if there is a certified gemologist or an appraiser on site in the jewelry store you choose you use. Learn more about what staff they have on site. It may take some time; however, you can practice the secrets of finding a jeweler that you like and trust but it is well worth the time and energy you put forth. - 30448

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