Hidden Gem In Designer Jewellery - Adrian Buckley Collection

By Trevor Weir

The Designer Jewellery - Adrian Buckley Collection is probably not anywhere near your radar for accessories. It should be, since he has some of the best pieces you can find. The prices are affordable, and there is something for everyone within the collection. Based out of Europe, they offer the freshest and latest in jewellery accessories.

There are three different main collections to start out with, which can help you decide which one will suit you the best. There are several mini collection within these parent groups. Many of the pieces are a mix of classic and contemporary, but all of it is striking and beautiful. And you can find everything here: rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces.

For those that like pieces that can be worn year after year, the Classic collection may be the thing for you. "Steal the Limelight" has sliver plated or rhodium pieces with brilliant, clear crystals, making the pieces look expensive and showy. For the gold lovers, the "Golden Wave" offers pieces in gold and is one of their best selling collections. If you like a warm stone with your gold, the "Technicolor Dream" has gold plated pieces with topaz and warm stones for a subtle richness.

For those that like to call to mind the elegant past, "Over the Rainbow" has dreamy pieces in silver and blues with modern-day variations added to them. For those that like to let their inner little girl free, the "Contemporary Charm" offers geometric shapes and pretty hearts to give you many years of enjoyment with letting wistful side of your nature run free.

The Silver Collection offers pieces in sterling silver. "Ice Maiden" has stones in pinks and white and pearls, making this one of the most versatile offerings from the company. They make expensive looking pieces to wear to work, or can be used to effectively add a bit of womanly charm to your after hours ensembles.

For those that like pure silver jewellery, "Silver Simplicity" has many subtle designs, including bamboo leaf clusters that are extremely detailed or simple hearts that can be puffed or filigree. If you like to add excitement with your silver, "Natural Beauty" showcases unusual cuts on black, gold, blue and purple stones with attention-grabbing shapes.

The most electrifying of the collections is the "Moda". Entirely color based, they use texture, color and design to induce different moods, times and places. Some pieces are reminiscent of an African safari, or the Indian summer romance. You can revel in the feel of the passionate flapper, or the cool elegance of a Victorian lady. These designs are often fanciful and contradictory from one color to the next, but each part of the "Moda Collection" is flexible to the modern woman's many moods.

Designer Jewellery - Adrian Buckley Collection really does offer something for everyone. Shopping from anywhere in the world is easy, and it is sure to please. The tag line here is "Classic beauty meets contemporary charm" and it is fully fitting for this spectacular collection that marries simplistic grace with an edge. This is some of the best costume jewellery you will find anywhere, and you can keep the secret for yourself. - 30448

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