Essential Skin Care basics and Christian Dior Products

By Leah Khan

Beauty may radiate from within, but a good skin care routine is essential for a healthy and more beautiful appearance. Christian Dior and Marc Jacobs offer a superb range of skin care products. In addition to your usual cleanse and moisturizing routine, perhaps try one of their products to enhance your natural radiance.

If you are troubled by dark circles under your eyes then Skinflash by Christian Dior is the ideal and best highlighting product. It will stay all day long and is easy and smooth in application. It is considered very effective to cover the dark circles and this helps brighten up your otherwise beautiful face. You can also take the attention from the fine lines on your face and effectively hide them. Skinflash is also used to get a natural look with a quick foundation application.

The Christian Dior Capture Essential Eye Cream will help your eyes look more beautiful and young. If you have fine line around your eyes then they can be effectively hidden if you apply it before eye shadow is applied. Sagging, dull and dropping eyes are things of the past.

If you want your tired skin to look its radiant best then Christian Dior Capture First Action Serum should be your first and only choice. It is recommended as it has been found very effective in increasing the skins supple look and is also loved for its firming and smoothing feature. It is an effective anti aging treatment much more than an anti-wrinkle cream.

You must follow your skin care routine regularly in combination with the use of these excellent products. You should use the best cleanser in accordance with your skin type. Daily facial cleansers by Marc Jacobs do not dry your skin and you can easily remove makeup. It is non greasy in nature and your skin will look refreshed and smooth. You can use warm water for better results and kindly do not over cleanse. You can cleanse one at night which will be enough. The conventional normal soaps cause more harm than good as they dry the skin.

Exfoliation is vitally important in retaining a youthful facial appearance. Exfoliate your skin, on average, once a week with a gentle scrub that contains tiny grains. Larger grains may end up damaging the skin.

After cleansing your skin completely one should use a good moisturizer which will help your skin get hydrated. Heat from indoors and the sun outdoors are the most common culprits to damaging our skin. A good moisturizer applied regularly helps your skin remain healthy.

Once you achieve a clean and radiant skin then Christian Dior's pure makeup would be the ideal beauty product. It is very light foundation and makes your complexion smooth. All day long you will be confident. The non greasy and easy to apply cream will add a distinct glow to your complexion. You used to constantly worry about your white shirt getting smudged with the makeup but those could be things of the past.

Just a little bit of car and pampering with the best products in skin care will make your skin healthy and glow forever. No matter how busy we are we can always allot time for a simple beauty session. Let's fall in love with ourselves again. - 30448

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