Dog Coats For All Seasons - What To Look For

By Dylan Brodderick

When I was a child dogs rarely wore dog coats. There was a wide spread myth that a dog's fur was enough to keep them warm on cold winter days. Clearly, this was false as some dogs are simply not naturally suited for colder climates. The dog coats that were available were generally pretty ugly and generally pretty difficult to put on.

In current times there are hundreds of dog coat options ranging from the plain and simple to the extra-fancy, from the reasonably priced to the super expensive. There are water-proof coats and insulated coats and light weight coats. There are coats more suitable to short haired dogs and coats more suitable to longer haired dogs. There are coats that your dog can step into, coats that wrap around, and coats that are similar to a cape with a waist fastener. Some of the models designed for larger dogs have pockets for owners to carry items such as newspapers, magazines or a small amount of groceries.

Dog coat designs come in a wide range of colours and styles. There are so many different dog coats on the market that it can be difficult to choose the right coat for your dog. The four most important considerations in choosing a coat for your dog are outlined below.

1. Where do you live? Or what is the purpose of the dog coat? Is the coat really needed to protect your dog or is it really just to match your new umbrella? If you live in an area that rarely sees freezing weather then you needn't worry about the warmth of the coat and, in fact, you should be wary of your dog overheating. If you live in an area that experiences severe winters then you should look for a coat that is wind proof and uses high quality fabrics such as gortex. You may also want a coat that is both breathable and water proof.

2. Can the coat be machine washed? Dog coats can get grubby very quickly and sometimes can get soiled by the dog relieving himself. Only consider dog coats that can be thrown into the washing machine. Keeping the coat clean will depend on your dog. Hopefully, during the spring thaw it will be warm enough that your dog can go coat-less. Expect to wash the coat twice per year.

3. How will you dog behave while being dressed? Is he or she a wiggler? If the coat is tricky to put on then your dog will likely have a cold winter. Look for a coat with easy to handle closures such as good quality zippers or Velcro strip fasteners

4. Size of dog coat to purchase. Before you start searching for the perfect dog coat you need to take a few measurements. Measure again the circumference if his neck and add 1 inch. Measure again around the broadest part of his chest and add one inch. Lastly, measure your dog from the start of her tail to the base of her neck. Take these measurements with you when shopping for a dog coat. - 30448

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