Boost your Marketing Campaign - Use Lanyards As Your Marketing Tool

By Richard Brown

Companies often end up spending a lot of money on their promotion strategy. People identify with a company when they are exposed to its brand repeatedly through attractive merchandise. Irrespective of the kind of marketing tools that a company uses, the main aim always is to form a positive impression on prospective customers. Using lanyards is a very effective way of doing this.

The use of garments, particularly printed t-shirts, has been a preferred choice at corporate events for many years and there is no doubt that it has been effective too. However, Lanyards are the newest addition in the repertoire of marketing tools. Their use is quite prevalent nowadays and printed with the company's logo and tagline, they can be very attractive.

If used appropriately, lanyards prove to be very effective in corporate events such as industry exhibitions and conventions. They can be distributed among the people who are taking part in the event. Along with the organization logo, you can also have the name of the event printed on it such that it can even play the role of memorabilia for the participants.

Lanyards do not cost much to the business and they are lesser expensive than having t-shirts made for the event. They create goodwill among potential clients and it is a well known fact that they have a very good recall value.

Lanyards, apart from being very inexpensive and effective, also have other benefits as marketing items. Colourful lanyards are known to draw the interest of a viewer, thus providing excellent exposure to the company they are promoting. They are high utility and can be used for things like hanging an ID card or a USB dongle from the neck. Because of its versatility, prospective customers can also take it with themselves and find various uses of it, which gets exposure to your company for a long time. - 30448

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